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Each image may be purchased as a canvas print, framed print, metal print, and more! Every purchase comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

About Michael Frank

I like my work to speak for itself.

I could bore you with how I started with a Polaroid Swinger camera I got for Christmas when I was nine... but, who really cares?

I thought I'd use this space to copy & paste what others have thought/commented on my work, and I thank them all for their support!

Lani Chaves: Looks surprisingly feminine for a photograph of a rusty ol’ vehicle. Enchanting Michael! Yin and Yang are well balanced in this one.

Megan Weymouth: His eyes are like no one else's I could be standing in that same spot and have absolutely no idea how to capture it. He's a master

Amy Bertagnolli: Great photo, awesome perspective and just beautiful

Jean MacDonald: Your photography is outstanding

Raven Spurlin: These are awesome. You have mad skills.

Loretta Wachs: Michael Frank has a way of getting really good pics!!!

Cindy Burke: Breath taking!

Anora McGaha: Exquisite! Fine art!

Pat Lyons Silvia: You outdid yourself!

Nan Apps-Maijala: You ARE talented! You even make a flat tire look like art!

Mary Lou Sheehan: Ummmm...WOW!!

Brad Miesner: Beautiful! You should see my entire Michael frank collection...

Thomas Edwards: That's not luck. Great capture!

Megan Weymouth: I have a good friend who is a doctor of ornithology. I'm going to show him this pic and make him drool. It's is beautifully intense, Michael

Cecelia Siford: You are such an excellent photographer!!!

Patricia Fults Tidwell: You should be on the tour (The Chatham Artist Guild yearly studio tour)

Lesley Russell Landis: Love this shot!

Carol Kroll Tinsky: wonderful photography Michael Frank

Loretta Wachs: God’s art work!!! Glad you captured it.

Jeanne Viall: Hallmark card worthy. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

Anora McGaha: Rock star photographer!!!!

Jeanne Viall: Your killing it. Makes a great Xmas card

Elke Kent: Anything photography you really found your calling Michael beautiful work

Jeanne Viall: Damn what an eye you have

Carrie M. Holmes: Wow I absolutely love this it's fantastic

Jeanne Viall: I’m running out of words that say how amazing your shots are .....

Megan Weymouth: I can't agree more Jeanne; what a talented man this is.

Brigitte Robbins: Michael Frank - you did it captured the beauty of nature. Awesome shot.

Megan Weymouth: You are a genius. I'm waiting for you to have a show in Newport.

Brigitte Robbins: You have an sharp eye for stunning pictures. This one is awesome.

Tyson Laney: Larry Sparks sings a great tune about this! “God - He paints a picture in the evening sky. Blue and purple, orange and shades of red. He knows we can’t afford no fancy paintings. So we look at the real thing instead!Great capture Michael. Thanks

Tina McCoy Mullins: Lol, you catch some awesome moments!

Beth Overman: You always amaze me!!

Tammy Matthews: You are such an amazing photographer. Do you do shows of your prints?

Zen Shoemaker: What a capture of her beauty! Both external and internal. A beautiful living example of what would Jesus do?

Thomas Edwards: Michael you take such great pictures! Thank you very much!

Linda Allred Cooper: The really interesting thing is I completely understand the photo....

Cindy Burke: Beautiful! Thanks for always sharing your awesome photography!It is much appreciated!

John Cosgrove: Suzanne took one look and said "that has got to be Mike Frank".

Lesley Russell Landis: Amazing!! I really enjoy your photos.

Megan Weymouth: You are so good, Michael. I only have one tiny hummingbird this year, and this picture is so vivid and so beautiful. You are quite an artist.

Brenna Michele: Award winning. That’s amazing.

Carrie M. Holmes: Wow...very beautiful and creative!!

Hillary Kenyon Sterne: Epic photo Simply breathtaking

Susan Gregory: captured peace and serenity.

Betsy Kay: Seriously you should turn this into signed & numbered prints
Jessica Bryan: I agree with Betsy. This is like a painting and something I would love to hang on my wall!